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reliable KONA recruits.

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  • Operation
    of leisure condominium

    We provide condominium membership in order that all employees and executives and their family (spouse, children, parents, siblings, parents of spouse, siblings of spouse) can enjoy a healthy and comfortable rest.

  • Support
    for club activities

    We support club activity expenses so you can have an enjoyable time at work through healthy hobbies and great time with our KONA family. EX) soccer club, hiking and ski club, women's club etc.

  • Support
    for family occasions

    We provide financial support for family
    occasions to be with our KONA family
    through sadness dn joy.

  • Birthday bonus

    We provide gift voucher for birthdays of

  • The 4 insurances

    We are endeavoring for welfare of our
    employees as a business registered for
    the 4 insurances (health insurance,
    national pension, employment insurance, occupational health and safety insurance)

  • Housing Support System

    Kona C operates various supporting
    programs such as housing fund loan,
    stabilization fund loan and dormitory.

  • Company recommendation system

    We are operating a company
    recommendation system to secure
    outstanding personnel. We provide an
    amount of bonus if employees
    recommend people they know a change to be KONA family and they are employed.

  • Reward System

    Reward for the high performance
    employee, exemplary eomployee and good
    attendance employee every year.
    Long term award (5, 10, 15 and 20 years)
    is celebrated to promote the long service of employee.

  • Support
    for educational expenses

    Kona C is endeavoring to help with stable family life by supporting middle school/high school educational expenses
    for children of employees.

  • Souvenirs and support for vacation expenses

    For welfare of our employees, we are providing souvenir for public holidays, and are operating a vacation expense support
    system for regular vacations.

  • Mentoring Program

    We are carry out the mentoring program
    for the activation of high and low
    communication and improve loyalty by the
    company culture and share sense of value.

  • 1 of 1 duty, 1 communication education Program

    1 duty per a personnel and a training
    program: we try to make a career
    development by completing 1 off-line and 1 on-line training program.(100 cases completed in 2014)

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