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Award System

Kona C strives to nurture human resources by introducing a fair and appropriate personnel evaluation system.

Assessment and Bonus Policy

- Incentive, early promotion and salary will be decided based on KPI (2 times per half and once per year)

- Performance Oriented Culture is aimed through a differentiated bonus based on personal results

- Job is motivated through a transparent and fair assessment and reasonable reward policy.

Work positions and advancement system

- Employee – Manager – Deputy Section Chief – Section Chief – Deputy Department Head – Department Head

- Inducing autonomous organization culture by giving responsibilities and authority fitting the capacity of each person

- Utilizing special advancement system for people with outstanding achievements and capacities

Promotion System

- Incentive is rewarded to high performance employee through personal evaluation.

- Prize and Reward: High performance employee will be given 1,000,000 Korean Won, 1 day accommodation (500,000 Korean Won) and additional cost support.. Labor morale is motivated by additional points for the personal evaluation.

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