We look forward to welcoming patient and
reliable KONA recruits.

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Application Process

It is a recruitment process that leads the future of Kona C.

Kona C will discover new talents every year and wait. - Incentive, early promotion and salary will be decided based on KPI
(4 times per quarter and once per year)
  • 01


    • - After confirming the announcement via
      Kona C homepage, we accept application.
    • - You can also register your resume in
      advance through regular support.
  • 02

    Document Screening

    • - Basic qualifications and job descriptions are used to validate primary competencies.
    • - In some cases, the project techno- logy and portfo- lio may be submitted in advance.
  • 03


    • - Kona C conducts two interviews in total.
    • - We have been conducting the verification of the conformity of the relevant duties
      through deep contact with our staff, mainly
      in the field of job experience or history.
  • 04

    Final pass

    • - After the final acceptance notice,
      we will arrange the schedule for joining the company.
  • 05


    • - After the final pass, they will be joined together as a member of the Kona C.

Kona C Qualification

There is no differentiation in age and gender.
There should be no reason for disqualification from overseas travel, and unlicensed military personnel can apply for recruitment of
specialized research personnel (separate proceedings).

Kona C Others

If you fill out the application form, the adoption will be canceled.
The results of the selection process are limited to individual applicants.

For other inquiries, please contact the Recruitment Officer of Kona C
031-999-5505 / insa@konac.co.kr

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