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Founded as Jeonghwa Printing in 1961, Kona C Co., Ltd. has since grown into Korea's leading corporation
in the printing industry by printing marketable securities and gift certificates.
In 1988, it successfully entered the IC cards industry as it was selected as the first-ever payphone card manufacturer and
based on the technology and know-how accumulated in the printing industry, it was incorporated in 2011 as an affiliate company of
Kona I, a software expert company that offers total smart card-related solutions, thus establishing a one-stop manufacturing service (vertical systemization)
from stable card ordering and chip development to application and perfect manufacturing.


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  • 1961 year


    Since its foundation on September 1st, 1961,
    Kona C I has experienced continuous growth.

  • 120 People

    Executives and Staff members

    Kona C is with about 120 employees.

  • 5,700 M

    Yearly production volume(PCS)

    Kona C produces cards for domestic
    as well as overseas markets.

Business Area / Location

Business Area Domestic and international electronic cards, communications cards, NID cards, etc. Issuance of cards and COB (EMV, USIM, etc.) Cards manufacturing and issuance all-in-one service
Location Kona C Head Office: 4-78, Daegot-ro, Daemyeong-ri, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea / Kona C Sales Office: 19, Gukhoe-daero 70-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Factory Scale

8,682 Plottage(m²) 9,372 Area of factory(m²)

Production Capacity

Chip card

Capacity per hour Monthly capacity Yearly capacity Remarks
Contact 9,000 3,960,000 47,520,000 Based on 3 embedded machines, daytime/nighttime(20H)
Dual Interface 3,600 1,584,000 19,008,000 Creative

General card

Capacity per hour Monthly capacity Yearly capacity Remarks
Contact 21,600 4,752,000 57,024,000 Daytime work(10H)


  • Stable corporation possessing 60-year history

    Secure technical skills and nofao in the business field in the long history
  • Maintain technical expertise and know-how

    Maintaining productivity of highly reliable products based on abundant technical know-how as a leader in the printing industry
  • Establishment of technical cooperation system with parent company

    Through collaboration in R&D with Kona I, an expert in software development and Fin-tech that offers total solutions in smart cards, a cooperative system has been established to enable development of IoT and wearable device convergence model systems, etc.
  • Owns core manpower in production process

    More than 30% of the employees are long-term employees having worked for over 5 years (possesses core manpower who may adroitly respond to various demands from client companies)
  • Owns a variety of certifications

    Owns more than 100 product and field certifications including Visa, Master, JCB, AMEX and CUP
  • "KONA" brand naming

    Utilizes a unique brand naming of "Kona", used in Kona I, Kona C and Kona M, to increase the brand recognition

Financial information

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