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CEO Message

This is Cho Jung-il, CEO of Kona C.

Since its establishment in 1961, Kona C has led the card industry as a leading domestic company in the printing and card business field for more than 50 years.

Until now, Kona C has played a part in the transformation of the card industry by developing and commercializing wooden cards, Rainbow Holographic cards, metal cards, spiral cards, leather cards and others for the first time in the industry. In addition, with constant research and development, we now develop and commercialize e-cards with enhanced security and convenience such as fingerprint cards, OTP cards, Dynamic CVV, etc. and led the change in the smart card market doing.

In this growth of Kona C there was only an innovative corporate culture of Kona C that enjoyed the change without fear of change.

Kona C is mind-set to lead change from change to follow-up, and we will continue to challenge ourselves to be able to produce innovative products in the field of IC security cards in the future. We hope for your continued interest and encouragement in the future for Kona C's challenge.


We will become a company that is the leader of its times,
and constantly and passionately strive to challenge ourselves to create value.

Kona C Co., Ltd.

CEO, Cho Jung-il

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