Kona C realizes customer satisfaction for
continuous research and development.

The Kona C special card gives the card a beautiful appearance and gives a more specific effect by expressing sensual elements
such as visual and tactile, auditory, olfactory, etc. In addition to the purpose of financial transactions. It is to implement high-quality cards
that can be. Special cards are a collection of technologies in many industrial fields such as machinery, metal, electricity,
electronics, chemical engineering. From the development stage to the ISO physical standard (ISO / IEC 781/7816 / 1444.3 / 10373).

Metal Card

It is a card that emphasizes prestige and dignity of the card owner by using real metal.
KONA owns core technology in production of metal cards that can control the strength of cards by thanks to the use of
super titanium and scandium and realize chip embedding, MS duplication and surface printing.

  • Full metal Body
  • Chip
  • Visa P&M Premium Brand Mask


Suitable for VIP card design, completely different from typical cards, by using real metal


Increased weight feel of card by using real metal

Additional process

Outsourced full metal work

Ecozen Card

An eco-friendly card that has significantly reduced the amount of carbon emissions and
acquired Korea's first-ever environment-friendly certification mark, it is a card that safeguards the nature.

  • Full Ecozen Sheet
  • Chip
  • Off Set Printing


Acquisition of Korea's first-ever environment-friendly mark, reduction of carbon emissions (Co2, 104g)


Superior durability compared to typical PVC, chlorosis does not occur when embossed
Possible to realize clear, distinct colors compared to typical PVC

Additional process

* Adjustment (Ecozen sheet), * Punching(NC cutting) * Adjustment: using special adhesives for Ecozen sheet
* Punching: using NC cutting

LED Card

It is a card that emits LED lights whenever it is connected to a terminal.
It enables a variety of lighting through frontal and side illumination and gives off sustainable and
powerful lights without any battery, showing off KONA's matchless technology.

  • LED inlay
  • Chip
  • Off Set Printing
  • LED part
  • partial embossing
  • Screen printing


Option that can clearly highlight points of the card


Possible to select between front or side illumination depending on design
Induced pressure supplying method, which is different from the battery method with limitations in

Additional process

* Adjustment(insertion of LED), * laminating
* Adjustment: Applies PCB and FPCB, materials containing LED when manufacturing inlays
* Laminating: Adds the pre-lamination process to prevent damages on the printed part due to difference in thickness of board and LED

Wood Card

It is a card that exudes the texture innate to natural wood by thinly processing Finnish birch,
which has been certified by FSC COC, and applying it to the card. The wood card applies solid wood on the surface of the card,
allowing to experience the innate texture and patterns of wood.

  • Wood Sheet
  • Chip
  • Metal sticker
  • Screen printing(Visa Brand Mark)


Special sheet using actual wood makes it possible to express the eco-friendliness and texture of wood more effectively


Card processed by thin sheets of solid wood and coinciding with PVC or Ecozen sheet
Satisfies physical characteristics of ISO specification with natural wood card
Impossible to achieve the identical direction of wood's texture and pattern
Possible to manufacture cards of not only contact type but also contactless and dual interface types

Additional process

Adhered coating, * adjustment(insertion of natural wooden sheet), * Punching(NC cutting)
* Adjustment: inserts thinly processed wooden sheets
* Punching: insertion of wooden sheet makes it impossible to work with the typical card punching mold (press type), punched via NC cutting

Leather Card

A card that reproduces the feel of natural leather with only Kana technology.
Using leather material to breathe life force, expressing old-fashioned and descending as one fashion.
Crocodiles, ostriches, snakes, sheepskin cards are produced expressing cards, and various other leather implementations are possible.

  • Leather ink application
  • Chip
  • Off Set Printing


Expressing feel and texture of leather with special ink


Various leather patterns can be mounted by applying environmentally friendly leather feeling to existing plastic cards
Leather Unique Softly apply a UV + air drying method rather than a drying method to give a soft feeling KB National card and jointly owned a patent

Additional process

* Leather print* Screen printing
* Screen printing: Leather ink coating on laminated finish sheet

Shell Card

This is a card that uses mother-of-pearl, which has traditionally been employed in decorations such as Eastern royal class goods.
The technology to process natural mother-of-pearl in consideration of thickness and design of card is the essence and the domestic mother-of-pearl
used by KONA features splendid colors and outstanding values as handicraft, suitable for expression of classical beauty and elegance.

  • White core(pearl pearl-base)
  • Chip
  • Natural Off Set Printing
  • Natural mother-of-pearl insert


Using natural Shell that is universalized on cards, special product composition features


Owns independent technology of thinly processing natural mother-of-pearl A significant amount of processing time needed depending on design, and prices differ greatly based on size Owns joint patents with KB Kookmin Card

Additional process

Attachment of natural mother-of-pearl, *Adjustment, *Laminating
* Adjustment: Attaches natural mother-of-pearl on printed sheets
* Laminating: Adds the pre-lamination process to prevent damages to the printed part due to difference in thickness of mother-of-pearl

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