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Change, Communication, Creation

Kona C is a company that has manufacturing certification of a global credit card and manufactures and supplies the most advanced electronic card such as an Display OTP card and a fingerprint recognition card as well as an IC credit card.

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Product development

The future of the smart card industry,
Kona C will open.


About Kona C

  • 1961 Year


    Kona C was founded on September 1st, 1961
    and has grown continuously ever since.

  • 47,520 K

    Chip Card CAPA

    Kona C has CHIP card Capacity of
    Contact / Dual Interface.

  • 57,024 K

    General Card CAPA

    Kona C has MS / RF card

Electronic Card

Kona C manufactures and supplies electronic cards equipped
with state-of-the-art functions with their own technical capabilities.

Finger Print Card Dynamic CVV Card OTP Card
Finger Print Card
The fingerprint card with ultra-thin
fingerprint sensor and electronic ink
display applied to the world's
first credit card standard.
Dynamic CVV Card
The D-CVC card periodically changes
the CVC (Cardholder Verification Code)
and provides a higher security
environment than a general card using
fixed values.
Card Type Display OTP
The card type OTP using the electronic ink display is
manufactured with the size of the credit card standard
and has advantages of being easy to carry compared
with the existing token type OTP.

Special Card

We are developing and supplying cards of various specialized materials such as leather, sleeping, metal card etc.
from environment friendly materials such as wood, ecogen, etc., not existing PVC material.

PR Center

It was possible because there are Kona people who ran like Kona C 's running this way over 20 years.

Go Recruit Process

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